In Loving Memory of Ryan

This is Charles “Ryan” Waggie. He was in the Coast Guard, stationed in Florida. He is the oldest son of my king time friend Tonya.

Charles “Ryan” Waggie

Ryan was killed in a motorcycle accident last month. It was not his fault.

Ryan was a thriving young man, making a great life for himself. He was Tonya’s “person”, her best friend as she was so young when she gave birth to him.

Her world is shattered and she is broken and lost. I am asking for everyone to please pray for Tonya.

Please pray for God to give her the strength, Grace, peace, and courage she needs during this time. Please pray that Tonya is able to live the life that Ryan would want her to live.

I CANNOT imagine what she is going through. I want to celebrate the life of this intelligent, loving, kind young man!

Fly high Ryan! May you watch over your mom from Heaven ❤️

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