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“Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother” – A Blog Introduction to Kevin Barhydt

  A Blog Introduction to Kevin Barhydt I met Kevin through Twitter. I immediately was intrigued by his story and his openness, willingness, candidness, honesty, and kindness. I have never witnessed a man be so open about their past, especially when they have faced being abandoned, adopted, sexually abused, recovering from addiction, and they are […]

Sobriety is “HELLASEXY”- Meg’s Recovery Story

Sobriety is “HELLA SEXY” (Press Play – Angus & Julia Stone – Nothing Else) To look at Meg, one would see a bright, young, bubbly, excited, and beautiful woman. Hope and sparkle in her eyes. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous. To get to know Meg, you get to know Jesus and God, with a fiery spirit. […]