Colorful Chaos

I’ve decided to begin my blogging exploration and I chose the name “Colorful Chaos”, simply because not everything is always in black and white! My life, mind and journey are also full of chaos and challenges.

Since a young age, as far back as I can recall, I’ve dealt with issues of abandonment, neglect, abuse and throughout my life I’ve tried to maintain control over everything. I’ve felt as though if I didn’t take care of everything and everyone, everything would essentially fall apart again, just as it did when I was a child. Now I’m taking back my life and my control over myself, my mind and my own life.

Throughout this journey I may decide to be very raw and open and expose very deep and personal information about myself. In this initial introduction, I’m not fully ready to do exactly that. I would like to say that I’m very nervous, excited and a little skeptical about blogging and the feedback I may or may not receive. Throughout this journey you are going to learn about me and as we (my boyfriend and I) attempt our transition and travels into an RV lifestyle while both battling illnesses.

Comments and questions are always welcome!

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