Donations To Families In Need

Hello, This donation page was established with the intent to help family members that are struggling. A GoFundMe page was not beneficial and was also not private. This is a stretch to ask our subscribers and friends in such a tough time in this world to lend a helping hand, however, I am stepping out on faith and doing so. I am confident that much like myself, I am surrounded by "givers". When one struggles, we all struggle. These donations will be used to help with loved ones in need. Their expenses are such as groceries, utilities, children's needs, etc. Cash will NOT be given. Every donation will be given as a gift card. Your generous donation is also tax-deductible as this is a charitable cause. If you find it in your heart to give monetarily, please do. If you are unable to at this time, please say a prayer for financial breakthroughs for our loved ones struggling. They do need prayers, not only financially, but mentally and emotionally too. Financial pressures place stress on the entire household. Thank you kindly for your generosity. From Colorful Chaos! Where everything is definitely not always in black and white.

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