Down to My Last Spoon-My First Podcast as a Guest

I had the privilege of being a guest on “Down to My Last Spoon”.

I’m very nervous about sharing this. It’s exciting to discuss the history and mystery of my invisible illnesses with a fellow warrior, especially one that I have so much in common with. To allow the world to hear it, that’s another story. It gives me anxiety too. It’s very personal and extremely raw.

Although I’ve written my story and I’m still working on sharing parts of my life, talking about it openly and candidly is a different experience.

The chemistry between Ashlyn and I is impressive. We met through a rheumatoid arthritis Facebook group a few months ago. Since that time, Ashlyn has established her own Facebook group (Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Next Generation), as well as her own website, Down to My Last Spoon, you can find all of her podcasts here: https://downtomylastspoon.com/

You can hear my 1st personal podcast also!

Here goes world... follow the link below ... eeek


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