Enjoy Your Surroundings

I had many thoughts as I began thinking about this blog. I thought about the city we live in and how much of a mess it can be. I thought of sometimes just simply overlooking it and seeing the beauty that still surrounds us.

On a recent visit to downtown Richmond, we decided to stop at Shiplock Park. There is a great deal of history in the area, maybe one day I will write more about it.

As I was looking at just a few of the photographs I captured along the way (while Ed was out scouting for his own photographs), I figured I would just simply share them.

I leave you with small glimpses from around Shiplock Park.

From graffiti, the old railroads, trains coming and going, to the new spring flowers blooming!

I enjoyed the day with my best friend, my partner, my love!

Now here is a piece to share with you.

Live life like its the last breath you take for that breath is the whole essence of living, the little things in life are what connects us to all the big things we live for.      

Robert Frost

Colorful Chaos The Journey

Not everything is always in black and white. Join us on our journey as we battle incurable invisible illnesses. We are seeking mental freedom as we prepare to unwind and unravel amongst nature. We raise awareness for Polycythemia Vera and Invisible Illnesses such as Mental Health, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, along with a variety of other “silent” struggles that we may deal with along the way. We are not going to let these illnesses hold us down. During our journey we need support. The support of each other, family, friends, followers, readers, and fellow, adventures! Enjoy our photography and stories. You can support us through PayPal and our Esty Shop!

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