Etsy Shop – Running Discounts

Hi Friends,

We are running promotions currently in our Etsy Shop

Each card is $3.00 with the envelope. That is a great deal, right? Look at the discounts below and you are able to purchase more at a discounted price!

How amazing is that?

20OFF60 20% off of $60
15OFF15 15% off of 15%
35FREESHIPPING free shipping on $35 or more
5FOR15 5 Cards for $15


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Please stop by and take a look at our photo greeting cards.

These greeting cards are original photographs by Ed. The back of the cards are blank. Each come with an envelope. We have made them 5x7 in order to allow you to frame as a keepsake photo.

We are also selling the images for $10.00, yes $10.00 for the original image. You just have to DM me!

Thanks for your support and have a wonderful week.

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