He Is Moving On And I Wish Him The Best

It is quite a lengthy story, the one of my ex-husband and I. We were together approximately 15 years.

We met in 2003, we were married in 2004, we divorced for 16 months in 2013, we remarried in 2014, we divorced again in 2018.

Our relationship was always very turbulent. I being 4 years older, really never gave much thought to the age difference after saying I would give it a try. He was very mature for his age in a lot of ways. A hard worker.

Little did I know how manipulative he could be. I'm not going to base this blog on that, nor the problems of that relationship. Somehow I always felt a need to save him. I also trusted him in so many ways.

Our relationship ended badly and yet, I still wanted the best for him. For quite some time he did not want that for me. I still don't know if he does. There is a lot to our history and our entire story.

I don't think "in love" was ever fitting for us. I never felt he was "in love" with me. I never truly felt "in love" with him. I felt that I could live with him the second go round and worst case scenario be roommates, have the same goals, want the same life. I never expected what happened, yet, I did. In my heart, I truly did.

It's been 3 years now since we have been separated and 2 years since our divorce. He is with his 2nd or 3rd girlfriend now. He does not have a great track record of faithfulness. I do hope this one is different.

He's been with her for almost a year now. He appears on the outside to be happy. This is something he never was with me. This is something everyone deserves.

She is as cute as a button and from what I understand she has not had an easy life with her choices in men. I hope this go round is different for her as well.

You see, we all come in to other people's lives for a reason. They teach us things about ourselves. They teach us how to grow, how to love, what we want out of life and what we don't want out of life. I've always known that I have wanted a full fledged partner in my relationship and someone on my team for better or worse. Someone that loves me unconditionally.

I'm not sure about my story. I am sure that my ex-husband is getting ready to make life changing moves and I am beyond overjoyed for him. I hope the two of them have a beautiful and happy life together. I've given him true heartfelt advice. I want his relationship to work out.

We are not always meant for the people we become friends with, date, or marry, sometimes they need something else. We can't take it personally. As hard as it is not to, we must learn from those moments.

The demise of our relationship was truly setting us free. Free to be who we really were and are! Life is too short to hold grudges, too short to hate, too short not to forgive and move on.

I pray that the soon to be Mrs. is beyond over joyed to take a new journey into the future. I pray he treats her with love, respect, kindness, and he communicates.

It's honestly nice to see this. I hope to meet her one day to just say "thank you", because she gave him something no one else could. That's happiness. He needed it.

Best wishes to a life of love 💕

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Remember that with each day we change, with each experience and relationship we change. We are not the same person we were a week ago, never judge someone continuously based on their past!

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