My Body’s Response to Pain Lately

My body’s response to pain lately is something very new. Although I have a very high pain tolerance, over the last several months, I’ve noticed distinct changes.



Extreme nausea


Low Grade Fevers

Weight Gain

Regular pain can raise our blood pressure, increase our breathing rate and heart rate, and cause muscle tension. Pain can lead to fatigue, sleeping problems, and changes in appetite.

Chronic pain can also increase your risk for strokes and heart attacks.

You are probably asking yourself, “why doesn’t she take something for the pain?”

The simple answers are:

I am not prescribed pain killers (opioids)

I do take over the counter pain relievers, they tend to only be beneficial from time to time

I take CBD gummies

I see a pain management doctor and the stenosis, building discs, and spasms are being managed by epidural and other shots at this time.

I do take muscle relaxers

Next question please! Maybe meditation?

Meditation, personally, for myself, intensified my pain. I’m not sure if it’s because distraction is a coping mechanism as well as sleep or disassociation.

The experience of current pain is very different for me. My body is used to fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. This pain is in my neck, head and shoulders.

Maybe that’s the reasons for the bodies reaction in this manner?

Whatever it may be, it is frustrating. I’m frustrated.

It is my next “research project”.

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7 thoughts on “My Body’s Response to Pain Lately

  1. Can you do a blog or research on gastroparesis please this go around with my second feeding tube is horrible I’m constantly nauseous and my stomach is always hurting. Thanks in advance.

    1. I believe I have a blog on gastroparesis already but yes, I will research the nausea but it is very common with gastroparesis along with the pain. I will check to see if there is new information

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