Not Just a Survivor…. Also A Striver

Round Three

This is round three this morning, comical, oh so comical.

I woke up with every intent of cancelling this blog because for one my subscribers have haulted, secondly, the writing layout is now horrofic. I am frustrated with WordPress and everytime I use spellcheck or Grammarly, my work disappears. The cut and paste is also not working. The media settings are a sleeping beast right now too.

Then I had another inkling to shut down Etsy due to the lack of sales and support. I am wasting time and money and it is going N O W H E R E !

After writing, literally, three posts about how I was feeling, each time I tried to copy and spell check or use spell check, the articles just disapeared, POOF, just like that.

Was it a sign that I needed to stop complaining and venting? Maybe.

So I will leave it here, I use the blog as a writing outlet, it is paid for the next 9 months, I might as well use it no matter who reads it or subscribes.

I love craftings, although it causes me to flare, costs money that I should be saving. I will find a way to make it work out.

If there are spelling and grammatical errors, well so be it. WordPress is not cooperating during this time.

I hope everyone has a delightful day and if something goes wrong once, twice, three times, strive for that fourth!

We can all be survivors and strivers! That is what life is about!

Colorful Chaos The Journey

Not everything is always in black and white. Join us on our journey as we battle incurable invisible illnesses. We are seeking mental freedom as we prepare to unwind and unravel amongst nature. We raise awareness for Polycythemia Vera and Invisible Illnesses such as Mental Health, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, along with a variety of other “silent” struggles that we may deal with along the way. We are not going to let these illnesses hold us down. During our journey we need support. The support of each other, family, friends, followers, readers, and fellow, adventures! Enjoy our photography and stories. You can support us through PayPal and our Esty Shop!

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