Thinking Out-Loud Schools Not Re-Opening This Fall

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Speechless Over Some School Districts Not Re-Opening This Fall

My heart goes out to ALL parents with school aged children. This must be a frightening time for both parents and children. As I hear about school boards voting to go to online learning programs, I think about the impact this will have on families, children’s social skills, the financial aspects of families, etc.

There are SO MANY things affected by the decision not to have children in school. This decision literally changes a child's life! 

  • How do working parents work?
  • Who is going to watch the children if the parents are working outside of the home?
  • Are those caretakers equipped to adhere to online teaching rules or do they even have computers?
  • How do children/ families in low or even middle-income households receive laptops or computers? - - What if the family cannot afford internet?
  • What if there are several children in the home in different grades? How does that work?
  • Who ensures there is food for breakfast and lunch (some children rely on reduced/ free lunch)?

I think there are countless questions going through my mind. 

Right now, at this moment, my mind is just blown!

I do not have the answers, I do not have a solution. I have contemplated furthering my own education and teaching online.

My oldest grandson prefers online classes; however, he is ten years old. He is also the only child currently in school currently. In his case, it is easier. That is not the case for many.

If I were faced with this situation when my children were younger, I am confident I would have managed. I am certain, as a parent, knowing me, I would have made a way. I know many parents will. My heart just bleeds for those parents that will not and those children who are less fortunate. 


My heart aches for the parents who must make a choice between their jobs and their children's education. 

My heart bleeds for what is going on amongst the chaos of this pandemic (COVID-19) and the additional world-wide issues.

I would like to add, if you are paying for online schooling and you live in the United States, please consider enrolling your child in programs that are USA based.

I spent some time researching online school programs, countless online programs were not based in the United States, in-fact, they were China based or China owned.

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Please know that I am praying over this situation and if you believe in the power of prayer, join me!









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3 thoughts on “Thinking Out-Loud Schools Not Re-Opening This Fall

    1. I understand that also, it’s such a tough situation all around. It’s sad. We have so many ways to make things work in this country and in this world but everyone fights against each other. In an ideal or somewhat perfect situation, the districts could offer additional resources to the parents (such as free wifi and laptops).
      Like I said in my article, I don’t have a solution, it’s just heartbreaking. You are correct though, opening the schools in the midst of a virus breakout would open Pandora’s box.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 💗

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