She Is Not Just Surviving, She Is Thriving Deb’s Journey With PV & Breast Cancer

PRESS PLAY >> THE ALTERS (I WILL FEAR NO MORE)   After writing several blogs, articles, and posts about Ed’s Polycythemia Vera journey, I was contacted by a wonderful woman … Read More

Patiently Waiting for Ed’s Follow Up Appointment

I sit in the parking deck once again. Patiently waiting, feeling helpless as Ed goes into UVA Emily Couric Cancer Clinic to have labs drawn and to see the MPN. … Read More

Back on The Hydrea – Ed’s PV Journey

Hi everyone! Yesterday was Ed’s follow up with his MPN (a doctor that specializes in Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), which are also known as myeloproliferative disorders).  Good news and not so … Read More

A Year Later … He Has PV But PV Does Not Have Him

(Audio – DropKick Murphys – You’ll Never Walk Alone) Press Play   Here we go again, a year after Ed’s last phlebotomy for Polycythemia Vera, he will receive another phlebotomy … Read More