Communication and Comprehension

Are you listening with the intent to understand? Did you understand what was said or not? That’s comprehension! Communication is sending information or a message from one person/ group to another. Communication could involve our emotions, locations, instructions, etc. There are four main types of communication: Verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written. Without comprehension, communication is … Continue reading Communication and Comprehension

Dear Hate Dear hate, You are not my friend. You have destroyed relationships, you have destroyed hearts, you have destroyed people. Amongst your destruction includes families, churches, cities, stares, and countries! Dear hate, One thing you will never destroy is love. Love will conquer ALL! For God says that these three things remain, FAITH, HOPE, and … Continue reading Dear Hate

Breaking The Stigma – She’s Not Just A Woman – She is a Life-Changer

During one of the darkest periods of my life in 2013 when I felt that I needed help mentally and emotionally, I contacted several different therapists and counselors. No one was available to see me immediately, their schedules were months out in some cases. After what I definitely know to be over 20 calls, I … Continue reading Breaking The Stigma – She’s Not Just A Woman – She is a Life-Changer