What’s Trending?

What's Trending?

I think this subject matter is so hilarious. I actually went to Twitter and typed in "trending".

Everything from a man poking his stomach out to selfies to Satanism is "trending".

Isn't it amazing what "trends" are these days?

I can recall when a trend was just for fashion. The 80's and 90's trends. Big hair, Madonna, Michael Jackson, or even the recent "trend" years of multi-colored hair.

Now we have so many "trends" that they are hard to keep up with.

Trend ability....is a trend even a trend?

Personally, I think not.

Remember the meme with the cat and the woman?

Now that is a trend, still very much alive and it continues to grow.


The Definition of a "Trend" 

  1. A general direction in which something is developing or changing (noun)
  2. A fashion (noun)
  3. A change or develop in a general direction (verb)
  4. Being the topic or the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period (verb)

Daily Trends

  1. Hollywood elite
  2. Politics
  3. The election
  4. The stock market
  5. News (real or fake)
  6. Protests
  7. Rioters
  8. Global warming
  9. COVID-19
  10. Pedophilia
  11. Sex-trafficking
  12. Tik-Tok videos
  13. Quarantine
  14. Virtual Schools/ Classes


When is enough, enough? These are not "trends", these are just simply "followed" topics, which people are jumping on the bandwagon to have a reason or justification for a cause, to have a purpose, add their opinion, or just make noise about.

Be passionate about something, but not because it is a trend.

Be an advocate for the cause, the awareness, the purpose.

Open Interpretation

I leave the question "what is trending" up to you, the readers, the subscribers.

I am truly confused as to how we go from what I would consider a "trend" of fashion, movies, shows, music, to now everything on social media and news.

What would be interesting is a daily chart of the "trends".


What is "trending" in your world?

In mine, confusion over all of these "trends"


Oh Well, Enjoy A Few Funny "Trending" Memes


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4 thoughts on “What’s Trending?

    1. Very true, I just can’t wrap my head around if they are “trends” or “topics” that are just gaining followers.
      As I think about it, for example, the sex-trafficking and human trafficking should be a huge point of discussion and focus, along with so many other important causes.
      Not a here today gone tomorrow. That’s how I think of the “trend” so to speak.
      I’m managing to have more of an open mindset (I am almost 46), I didn’t grow up with all of this social media. Social media is now overwhelming.
      Thanks PoojaG for reading and responding 💓

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